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Providing a unique approach to supporting and retaining staff through grief and bereavement

About us

Our founder has over 25 years experienceworking as a nurse in Palliative Care and Oncology holding senior leadership roles in the NHS, large third sector organisations, hospices and private care providers.​Michelle retains an active NMC registration to ensure NGBA practice remains at the forefront of providing a holistic evidence based approach to grief and bereavement support,​Whether delivering to community groups, individual or employers, we work with you to deliver a bespoke offer that will meet your individual requirements.

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Why do we need to take more notice of grief?



As well as access to a range of skilled professionals with recognised qualifications, we also offer a unique 10 week programme using a blended approach to help you navigate your grief experience.

We can help you emotionally, practically and also offer expert advice in legal matters such as Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and Advanced Directives.


A range of services including training, coaching, policy review, in house engagement work, consultancy input and direct staff support.

We support you in identifying solutions that will support and retain those in your workforce navigating grief and bereavement.


Are you looking for support in upskilling community leaders or support groups leaders in how to have difficult conversations relating to grief and bereavement?


We have mix of services that can be adapted to meet your individual needs.


“Unfortunately, all of our team members will experience bereavement at some point in their lives and that moment might coincide when they’re part of your team, which is why bereavement supportshould be part of your employee wellbeing framework.”

CEO of MIND Redcar.

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