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Holding Hands

Why does grief support matter?

Our purpose is to help people navigate their grief, regardless of the circumstance of that loss, and support them in regaining a happier balance and a new relationship with the grief that helps them to discover a new way forward.

Why are we different? 

How do we deliver support?

At the National Grief and Bereavement Association, we deliver support through a team of dedicated experts, each with their own unique skillset. Our associates include:

  • Finance Experts: They provide guidance on financial matters that may arise during times of grief.

  • Trainers: Our trainers equip individuals with the necessary skills to navigate their grief journey.

  • Coaches: They offer one-on-one support, helping individuals to understand and manage their feelings.

  • Text Support Specialists: They provide immediate assistance via text, ensuring support is just a message away.

  • Palliative Care Nurses: These professionals offer comfort and care during the end-of-life stage.

  • Legal Experts: They provide advice on legal matters related to bereavement.

  • Wellbeing Experts: They focus on promoting overall wellness during the grieving process.

  • Complementary Therapists: These therapists use alternative therapies to help manage grief.

  • Engagement Leads: They ensure everyone involved in the grieving process feels heard and supported.

  • Policy Experts: They guide on policies related to grief and bereavement in various settings.

  • Counsellors: They provide professional mental health support during difficult times.

Our core team consists of trainers, policy experts, and workplace engagement specialists. We also have a dedicated team who have worked extensively in grief and bereavement, providing our text support service. We refer to our associates’ expertise as required by the client, ensuring personalized and effective support for every individual we serve.

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